Orlando Participates in Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day may have been a few days ago but Saturday, people around Orlando are still joining in on the call to action to clean up the city beautiful.

“What better way to help out than to clean up the community?” said Bryana Lorenzo, an Orlando resident.

On a cool Saturday morning, dozens of people were out at the corner of Orange Blossom Trail and Gore Street, warming up by volunteering to pick up trash.

“I just wanted to do it,” Lorenzo said. “And I have a lot of time to kill.”

Volunteers like Lorenzo are breaking the boredom setting in from the pandemic by helping clean up a busy stretch of town.

“Any type of trash in all of Orlando should be all of our responsibility to pick up,” said Rep. Anna Eskamani, Florida House District 47.

“And I believe if you see a cleaner street, a cleaner establishment, a cleaner community, you’ll feel better about yourself,” said Rep. Travaris McCurdy, Florida House District 46.

Representatives McCurdy and Eskamani helped to coordinate this cleanup, they say they hope it helps bring pride to the neighborhood.

“We hope it inspires others to act kindly while telling our neighborhoods we care about them,” Eskamani said.

And hopefully deterring future litterbugs.

“And living up to the true meaning of our city’s nickname, the city beautiful and keeping it that way,” McCurdy said.

Through this act of community kindness, the actions of these volunteers are already spreading optimism around town.

“For once, I feel like I’m actually doing something,” Lorenzo said.

Source: Spectrum News / Image by Rachael Krause

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